Struggling to balance life and work? Talk turkey with a country girl. Though Julie loves a morning read with the Wall Street Journal (but only after praying through a Psalm to clarify the day) and giving presentations on supply chain management (wild combination, huh), Julie gives down-home advice and inspiration culled from her upbringing. The insights are a breath of fresh air!

Julie Julie Murphree sprouted up and grew on an Arizona cotton farm during the 1960s and 1970s. After an extensive and exciting career in business journalism, she went back to her roots by writing Fresh Air to inspire others to truly treasure the place they currently live but at the same time enhance “their space” by adding lifestyle features from aspects of country life everyone admires. As a suburbanite, Julie has learned how to keep a bit of the country girl in her regardless of how urbanized she’s become.

As Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s founding editor and 1993 to 2000 editor for Inside Supply Management (formerly known as Purchasing Today), the monthly publication of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Julie Murphree has written countless articles on negotiations and business management issues. In fact, more than 15 years as a journalist tracking, reporting, and writing on various business topics like negotiations and supply & demand chain management paved the way for her to enthusiastically speak throughout the United States to organizations like Banta Corporation, Ariba, Peoplesoft and Corporate United.

While directing the editorial side of these two well-known business magazines, Julie’s domain expertise broadened beyond negotiations and supply & demand chain management to allow her to develop successful tactics for diplomacy in the business environment. “Taking a cue from our classic foreign diplomats, businesses today are in serious need of consensus tactics in cross-functional teaming environments for greater collaborative success,” explains Julie. As a result, interested organizations have her speak on the topic of diplomacy and other business issues. Julie currently does media relations and marketing for various clients.

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